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Too poor to buy cheap

The above mentioned phrase is very common among the older people in the highlands of Scotland. I got reminded of it when I was working on our household Budget.

In the Vicarage, we are trying to buy organic as much as possible. It is something that we embarked on over a year ago and I am pleased to reveal that not only have we stuck to it but about 90% of our food is now organic. It is a fact that organic food is a bit more expensive. However, I find that it is worth the money because what you put in your body matters (a lot).

Having said that we don’t have a huge grocery Budget. I tend to buy things when they are on sale but I also buy a smaller quantity compared to before. I also make sure there is no wastage. For an example, nothing from the organic chicken that I bought yesterday goes to waste. I always pop the carcass in the freezer to make Chicken stock on another day.