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The Archbishop and his drums

Since we have no Church services on Sunday due to the Coronavirus lockdown, the Minister and I watched the online service by the Archbishop of York. Last week, it was the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Archbishop of York started the service by beating the drums!!!! Yes, you read it correctly.

It was quite a sight to see the Archbishop in all his fineries beating the drums!!!! I am very traditional but I have to say that it was a breath of fresh air.

Here in the West, the church bells indicate the call to Worship but according to the Archbishop, the call to worship in Uganda, the Archbishop’s country of birth was by beating the drums!!!!

I don’t know too much about the Archbishop of York……more accurately didn’t bother finding out!!! Suddenly I realise that I do like him….. It is a bit late now as he is retiring in June 2020!!!!

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I don’t want to hoard……

but the supermarkets are leaving me with no choice!

The Mhinisteir and I went to Waitrose this afternoon. The plan was for me to sit in the car while the Mhinisteir goes into the shop and pick up the essentials. However, when we got to the Waitrose carpark, we could see that the queue was snaking all the way to the carpark. We decided that it was going to be a pointless exercise joining the queue as we were not sure if we will get any of our essentials.

I totally understand that this is a global pandemic but I am not sure that we are going about the right way trying to do things….. We all need to eat not just certain people in elevated positions!!!! I fear that supermarkets among others are fueling panic buying and hoarding. The next time, I get a supermarket slot, I too will be tempted to hoard simply because I won’t know when I will get my next slot!!!!!

This evening I came across photos of bags of potatoes, bread etc dumped in bins. It just makes me so angry.

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It’s not fair!

I have been using online supermarket delivery service for a very long time. It started in Edinburgh when online delivery services were first introduced and I continued with it even in the Scottish Highlands.

Nowadays online shopping has become essential thanks to my health condition.

However, since the coronavirus outbreak, I have been unable to get my weekly delivery slots. I continue to pay for my delivery slots under the saver scheme but just that I have been unable to get A delivery slot. As regular customers, I can’t see how we can get bunked off in favour of new customers. I am all in favour of the elderly and the vulnerable getting my slots but the question is are they really getting these slots or are the hoarders getting them? How do supermarkets know who is who? Why do the supermarkets continue to take money from me when they can’t provide me with a slot????

The same with Milkandmore. We are not getting any of the preordered items except for milk. Again, I feel that we the regular customers have been sidelined in favour of new customers not necessarily needy ones!

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The Empty Chocolate Box

Until yesterday, there had been a Thorntons Chocolate box on our dining table, right beside the Mhinisteir’s place at the dining table. The Chocolate box has been there since Christmas. I know that for a fact because the Mhinisteir got that box of chocolates as a Christmas present from a parishioner. Since I can’t eat dairy, I never went near the box. What I didn’t know was that the box has been empty for a good few weeks and the Mhinisteir chose yesterday evening as an auspicious moment to throw away the box!!!!!

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Stay at home!

Which bit of the stay at home do people struggle to understand? Yesterday, I learnt from a friend that her elderly parents are not doing as they are told and continue to gallivant. Unfortunately, the same is true for my folks too!!!! It really is exasperating.

I also don’t understand the some who are moaning about the closure of Churches and others (clergy included) who are gathering petitions to keep the Churches open!!!! Where were they when the Churches were open???? Do we really have to make life even more difficult for our Bishops and Archbishops in these days????

In any case, do they not know that the WHOLE WORLD is struggling to fight this pandemic and that sadly there have already been so many deaths????!!!!!!

I am so sorry but I find these kind of behaviours extremely selfish.

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Hair Dye Frenzy

I was gobsmacked to read that people are getting themselves into knots because of hair dyes and how in about three weeks time, we will get to see people’s original hair colours!!!! If that is really the case, then the Mhinisteir will struggle to recognise most of his parishioners!!!!!

Just as well I stick to my original hair colour if not the Mhinisteir will have trouble recognising me too!!!!

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Disaster Averted!

The Mhinisteir had an Indian from Waitrose for his dinner last night. It was a meal for one as I can’t cope with spicy food.

Prior to eating his Indian, the Mhinisteir was very busy in the kitchen preparing his dinner which interprets removing the paper sleeve, piercing a few holes on the plastic lid and whacking the said food item in the oven. One of the items that got that treatment was the CRISPY KERALAN CHICKEN. As I wasn’t feeling too great, I didn’t pay too much attention to what the Mhinisteir was doing. By the way, he is hopeless in the kitchen!

As I was waiting for all the food to cook, suddenly my eye caught sight of the CRISPY KERALAN CHICKEN in the oven still in its plastic container. I looked at the Mhinisteir and asked if he was heating the CRISPY KERALAN CHICKEN the correct way……. He looked at me as if I had spoken gibberish. I went ahead to tell him that according to the cooking instructions the CRISPY KERALAN CHICKEN should be placed DIRECTLY into an oven tray without any plastic packaging!!!! The Mhinisteir obviously thought that there was only one set of instructions for both the Main course and the Sides!!!!!

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Mini Lindt Bunny

Since we are not able to get any supermarket delivery slots, the Mhinisteir and I had to “pop” to our “local” Waitrose to stock up on essentials. While there, I noticed that they had the famous Mini Lindt Bunnies. I thought it would be a good idea to pop one together with a letter through some of our elderly parishioners postboxes – just to cheer them up! It was 3 for a pound.

I picked 9 little bunnies and went to the checkout with the rest of our groceries. The cashier at the checkout looked above 70 years of age and so I wondered why she was not self isolating! She was a bit officious but never mind. She scanned the items one by one and was literally throwing them at us as she didn’t want any physical contact. When it came to the Lindt bunnies, she said that we were only allowed to buy three of them!!!!! She went further to explain that you can only buy 3 of any food items….. but there were so many little bunnies on the shelf waiting to be bought……

Just then, she had a lightbulb moment and decided to check with her colleague. Her colleague came over, looked at the little bunnies and commented that they don’t look like essentials!!!! Wonderful!!!! So I got to bring all 9 bunnies home!!!!

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Oreos is Vegan!!!! Seriously????

I came across an article in a magazine that said the following food items are Vegan!!!! Seriously????? I am not Vegan but I have dairy allergy.

Please don’t take my word for it but do check the ingredients before you consume.

  1. Oreos
  2. Mcvities Hobnobs
  3. Green & Black Chocolates
  4. Pot Noodles
  5. Starbursts

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Triple Whammy!

In the past 48 hours, both my cleaner and mobile hairdresser have closed their respective businesses which means I am in a limbo as I was due my haircut tomorrow. I am disappointed but I am more concerned as to how they are both going to put food on their table. I would like to think that it was a well thought through decision but I somehow fear that it was a panic driven decision.

I now once again have the difficult job of finding both a cleaner and a hairdresser.

If that is not enough, I was trying to fix an appointment this afternoon to see my consultant at a private hospital. Due to Covid 19, they are cancelling all appointments and not issuing new ones for about 3 months or so. Previously, I was forced to go private as the NHS didn’t take me seriously and I almost died!!!!

By the time I went private, permanent damage had been done to my health and in turn my life changed overnight! It upsets me every time I think about it. So anything related to my current health condition, I go private because I can’t afford to continue losing my organs!!!! Left with no choice, I have to go and see my NHS GP which I am very nervous about. Getting an appointment is going to prove nigh impossible!!!!