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Disaster Averted!

The Mhinisteir had an Indian from Waitrose for his dinner last night. It was a meal for one as I can’t cope with spicy food.

Prior to eating his Indian, the Mhinisteir was very busy in the kitchen preparing his dinner which interprets removing the paper sleeve, piercing a few holes on the plastic lid and whacking the said food item in the oven. One of the items that got that treatment was the CRISPY KERALAN CHICKEN. As I wasn’t feeling too great, I didn’t pay too much attention to what the Mhinisteir was doing. By the way, he is hopeless in the kitchen!

As I was waiting for all the food to cook, suddenly my eye caught sight of the CRISPY KERALAN CHICKEN in the oven still in its plastic container. I looked at the Mhinisteir and asked if he was heating the CRISPY KERALAN CHICKEN the correct way……. He looked at me as if I had spoken gibberish. I went ahead to tell him that according to the cooking instructions the CRISPY KERALAN CHICKEN should be placed DIRECTLY into an oven tray without any plastic packaging!!!! The Mhinisteir obviously thought that there was only one set of instructions for both the Main course and the Sides!!!!!