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It’s not fair!

I have been using online supermarket delivery service for a very long time. It started in Edinburgh when online delivery services were first introduced and I continued with it even in the Scottish Highlands.

Nowadays online shopping has become essential thanks to my health condition.

However, since the coronavirus outbreak, I have been unable to get my weekly delivery slots. I continue to pay for my delivery slots under the saver scheme but just that I have been unable to get A delivery slot. As regular customers, I can’t see how we can get bunked off in favour of new customers. I am all in favour of the elderly and the vulnerable getting my slots but the question is are they really getting these slots or are the hoarders getting them? How do supermarkets know who is who? Why do the supermarkets continue to take money from me when they can’t provide me with a slot????

The same with Milkandmore. We are not getting any of the preordered items except for milk. Again, I feel that we the regular customers have been sidelined in favour of new customers not necessarily needy ones!