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I don’t want to hoard……

but the supermarkets are leaving me with no choice!

The Mhinisteir and I went to Waitrose this afternoon. The plan was for me to sit in the car while the Mhinisteir goes into the shop and pick up the essentials. However, when we got to the Waitrose carpark, we could see that the queue was snaking all the way to the carpark. We decided that it was going to be a pointless exercise joining the queue as we were not sure if we will get any of our essentials.

I totally understand that this is a global pandemic but I am not sure that we are going about the right way trying to do things….. We all need to eat not just certain people in elevated positions!!!! I fear that supermarkets among others are fueling panic buying and hoarding. The next time, I get a supermarket slot, I too will be tempted to hoard simply because I won’t know when I will get my next slot!!!!!

This evening I came across photos of bags of potatoes, bread etc dumped in bins. It just makes me so angry.