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Bleach Tablets

Have you ever tried bleach tablets?

About 3 weeks ago, out of sheer desperation, I bought Compact Clean Aqua Tablets (Bleach) in Waitrose. It costs me 2 pounds for 40 tablets. I have used the tablets a few times to disinfect our loos. The instruction says to drop the tablet into the toilet bowl and leave it for 5 minutes before flushing. I dropped a tablet into the toilet bowl as instructed but nothing happened! I was hoping for a miracle when I flushed 5 minutes later but still no change whatsoever!!!!

I decided to try again today and again nothing happened. Strangely there is no smell of bleach either! When dropped, the tablets just sink into the bottom of the toilet bowl and remain there until you flush.

I definitely will not be buying these tablets again.