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Brahmin Reborn – Bhaskar Sreerangam with Esther Sandys

It is 1966. Madras, India. A young Brahmin (Bhaskar) realises the futility of his ritualistic Hinduism. Unable to face another day, he gives his gods an ultimatum: reveal yourself, or I will kill myself. After preparing a deadly meal, he heads out for what he thinks will be his final walk around the city. As he does he passes a man handing out flyers. They catch his eye. He’s intrigued. He heads inside to see what’s going on. What happens next changes the direction of his life and the ill-fated meal waiting at home.


I picked this book from the Mhinisteir’s library.  I am very interested in World Religions and so was excited to learn a little about Hinduism and so started reading it on Sunday instead of my usual Sabbath nap!   It was an easy read so I finished it in 3 hours!

I had hoped to learn more about Bhaskar but the book was about his early days before and after becoming a Christian.  The first four chapters were quite heavy as they contained many Indian terms for rites and rituals with detailed explanations which were at times overwhelming. 

As I arrived at the last page, I was disappointed that the book didn’t touch on Bhaskar’s later life like how he met his wife and how he ended up ministering in Bristol! The book somehow felt incomplete!