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Milk Bottle Tops For Traditional Milk Bottles

Here at the Vicarage, we have been getting our milk delivered in traditional glasss  bottles for a good number of years now. It is such a delight to receive these glass bottles but the downside is they don’t come with reusable lids.  When we first started getting milk delivered, I was afraid that the milk will go off and so decided to look for milk bottle tops online.  It wasn’t very easy but I managed to find a supplier on Ebay UK.

These plastic tops are reusable and come with a ring which sits nicely on the bottle neck which gives them an edge over Moopops milk tops.  They are reasonably priced and comes with free postage.   The added bonus is that these tops are dishwasher friendly.   I have had mine for years and after having gone through the dishwasher umpteen times they are still in tip top condition.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to promote this product and do not represent the sellers.