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Old Mrs Patel

I have just finished writing a cheque for Mrs Patel who is our trusted newsagent.

When we first moved to our Vicarage, we were looking for a newsagent who was able to deliver newspapers to our home.  We were asked to go to the nearest town and enquire at McColls.  It was a very wet and dark winter’s afternoon but we were determined to get our newspapers delivered.  We walked up and down the High Street but couldn’t find McColls instead found an independent “corner” shop.  We decided to go in and ask for directions to McColls.  That was our first meeting with Mrs Patel!

Mrs Patel was very keen for business and said that she too does newspaper delivery.  By then, I was exhausted walking up and down and decided to go with her offer.  Since then   her service has been excellent.   I suspected that she had taken a shine to the Mhinisteir!!!  She even rings him up at the Vicarage to make sure he is happy with the delivery service and to remind him that his newspaper vouchers are due!!!!!

My suspicions were confirmed on the Monday morning before the lockdown was announced, when I decided to accompany the Mhinisteir to Old Mrs Patel’s shop.   He was going in to pay his bill while I was desperately looking for some writing paper.   It was only my second visit to the shop since our move.  I quickly realised that Old Mrs Patel was a little “cranky” that day!  Ah!  That was when the penny dropped.  Mrs Patel preferred to see the Mhinisteir on his own.

I have decided to stay away from Old Mrs Patel in order to maintain the peace and harmony.  Ha ha !!!!!