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Bleach Tablets

Have you ever tried bleach tablets?

About 3 weeks ago, out of sheer desperation, I bought Compact Clean Aqua Tablets (Bleach) in Waitrose. It costs me 2 pounds for 40 tablets. I have used the tablets a few times to disinfect our loos. The instruction says to drop the tablet into the toilet bowl and leave it for 5 minutes before flushing. I dropped a tablet into the toilet bowl as instructed but nothing happened! I was hoping for a miracle when I flushed 5 minutes later but still no change whatsoever!!!!

I decided to try again today and again nothing happened. Strangely there is no smell of bleach either! When dropped, the tablets just sink into the bottom of the toilet bowl and remain there until you flush.

I definitely will not be buying these tablets again.

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Vicarage Virus Update…..

The Coronavirus lockdown has meant that the Mhinisteir is working from home except when he has to conduct funerals. The Vicarage telephone has been very busy with both incoming and outgoing calls. Everyday among other things, the Mhinisteir has been trying to ring his parishioners to enquire and pray with them. With us being in a multi parish benefice, he has a lot of parishioners! He has also been receiving telephone calls from parishioners especially the elderly who are afraid and are already thinking about their funerals and are making tentative arrangements! So it is business as usual with at the Vicarage.

As for me, I am quite enjoying the peace and quiet as we don’t have anyone knocking on the door except delivery people. It is also nice to have the house to ourselves as there are no meetings held at the Vicarage.

Sadly, we have had a couple of suicides in our parishes which is worrying.

Finally, as more and more people lose their jobs, I have put together some tinned food etc for anyone who might knock on the Vicarage door.

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Our naked armchair

We have had our armchair for a good few years now. It was a hand me down. It was only a fortnight ago that I realised that the armchair didn’t have any cover on it. It was completely naked. How I didn’t realise it before is beyond me! Anyway, I decided to crochet a throw for it to cover its nakedness so to speak.

The last time I tried to crochet was in my teens! Anyway, I started crocheting on Monday. The throw is coming along nicely but it is slow work.

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Cleaner Missing!

Our cleaner was supposed to have come today. Due to the lockdown, she will not be coming.

I miss not seeing her as I don’t come into contact with too many human beings in one week. You see even before the Coronovirus lockdown, I have been in self isolation due to my health condition. I go to Church and for the occasional trip out. It is safer for me to be home than out.

I also miss the wonderful job that our cleaner does. She is super efficient. I tried to do some cleaning today but had a bit of a turn and so had to go and lie down. I used to enjoy cleaning so much but I have been forced to stop.

I don’t know when I will see her again but I do hope that I will see her at some point and that her cleaning business doesn’t go bust like so many other businesses have during this time of crisis.

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Haircut anyone?

The Mhinisteir is due a haircut anytime soon. Now that we are in a period of lockdown, I am tempted to offer him one!!!! This is me who can’t even draw a straight line!!!! I just hope that he doesn’t ask me for one in a moment of desperation!!!!

In other news, my own hair is growing quite quickly too. I was due a haircut last week but my hairdresser cancelled it at the last minute. I always have my hair short as I can’t stand untidyness so I am beginning to get a little uncomfortable. I am trying to find ways in which I can continue to look tidy. I even googled hairnets!!!!!! Not that I know what to do with them!!!!