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Why do you need my surname????

The Vicarage garden is needing urgent attention.   The grass needs cutting.   It was only this past Winter that the garden got a makeover leaving us almost £2000 out of pocket!!!!

Thankfully the gardener does a lot of work for our Diocese so he knows that Vicars are not minted in turn allowing us to pay him in 3 instalments.    It was a big job which involved chopping down trees etc and so we had to call in the big guns which meant we had to pay VAT.   We prefer to keep the gardening costs to a bear minimum but we have a responsibility to look after the Vicarage garden.   We have only just finished paying off our final instalment and we are already needing more work in the garden.

In fact, our fencing in the garden came down just after the lockdown was announced.  The Diocese couldn’t find anyone to fix it so we had to find someone ourself.  I haven’t got the bill yet but I am assuming we have to pay for it from our own pocket.

Just before the lockdown, I found a local gardener who does not charge VAT for regular tidying up jobs but since then he is on furlough so I imagine I won’t be seeing him for quite some time.

I can’t tolerate untidiness so with the Mhinisteir’s permission I got in touch with another local gardener who had advertised in the Village magazine.   I sent him a text asking if he still operated during lockdown.   Just shortly after 5pm, I got a reply from the gardener’s wife asking me for my address and surname.  SURNAME?  Why??? Is my first name not enough???? The Mhinisteir reminded me that this is rural village operation.  They first like to know who they are really dealing with!!!!!!