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Surname saga continues…..

I responded to the gardener’s wife with the Vicarage address but not my surname for I really didn’t see the need for a surname.  Do you really need to give your surname in order for the gardener to come round and give you a quote????

First thing this morning…. I received another text from the gardener’s wife.  “Can I have your surname please??”  Oh dear!  Who am I dealing with that they need my surname?  Anyway, I decided to reply with my surname but also enquired why they needed my surname?

A reply came about an hour later and it read “As you can appreciate, we have many people with the same first name in our books and it can be confusing”.  Oh really??? From the hairdresser to the cleaner, they just know me as my first name and my village name.   I still find this gardener’s wife a little fishy.

Anyway, I will have more update when the gardener comes around to give me a quote tomorrow!!!