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Trip to Waitrose

The Mhinisteir surprised me today by making a trip to Waitrose.  I say surprise because he left to conduct a funeral and continued on to Waitrose from there.  Since the lockdown, we haven’t darkened the doors of any supermarket.  Due to health reasons, I always get our groceries delivered but since the lockdown the supermarkets have turned their backs on us and I have been so annoyed with them!

Anyway, the Mhinisteir came back with a big grocery shop including lots of goodies for me which included the latest good housekeping magazine and a yummy vegan ice cream called Booja Booja. I am not vegan but can’t eat dairy products.

I was very surprised by the GH magazine because it was only yesterday that I was thinking about treating myself to a copy and no, the Mhinisteir wasn’t privy to my thoughts!  I suppose this is what happens when you are married for a long time!!!!! He did confess to having blown the budget  but I am not at all cross as I think that it was a very lovely gesture – not blowing the budget  bit but going out of his way to buy these treats.