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Old Mrs Patel and the Private Eye

Given that we live in rural England, we subscribe to the Telegraph so that we will be in touch with our parishioners.   To moderate things, we also read the Private Eye.  In fact, we both quite enjoy reading it and always look forward to it.   Before the lockdown, we would just pick up a copy at a newsagent but since the lockdown we have started a subscription.    As our new subscription meant that we would miss out on an earlier issue, the Mhinister decided to get in touch with Old Mrs Patel.  He requested for a one off delivery and it arrived promptly

On Wednesday, our Private Eye subscription arrived but so did Mrs Patel’s!!! Oh dear!  The Mhinsteir was quite sure he told Mrs Patel that it was a one off request.  Knowing Mrs Patel, the one off request might have gone to deaf ears!!!! She is quite cunning that way!

Thankfully, the Mhinsteir has now managed to sort out the miscommunication with her son.