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Rural Living | The Art of Slow Living

About a fortnight ago, there was an article in the Telegraph comparing urban and rural living.

It featured a group of women from different age groups.  There were some who after moving to the country never settled into rural living and started despising it while others didn’t want to look back at urban living ever again.   Sadly the latter were in the minority.

The usual complaints about rural living are

  1. rural folk are cliquey
  2. nothing much to do
  3. you have to make everything from scratch
  4. no shops nearby
  5. No takeaways or worst still no food deliveries.

One woman who was interviewed said she was envious of her friends with whom she was chatting over Zoom when they interrupted the conversation to collect their pizza delivery which was waiting at their doorstep.  They were in Notting Hill!!!  She was desperate to get back to her home in London for the much needed peace and quiet.  Her country home was her second home.

It made me think about how much I enjoy rural life.   After living in 4 different cities worldwide at different times in our married life, I must admit that I do appreciate rural living a lot more than before.  The last city we were in was a very busy and famous English city which I absolutely hated.   Every year, people from all over the world travelled thousands of miles to visit this city but I was just so miserable.

Below are some of the things that I enjoy about rural living

  1. A sense of community
  2. Slow pace of life
  3. Rich or poor you all go to the same shop!
  4. Natural beauty and cleaner air
  5. People are friendly