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My Local Butcher

We have a good local butcher who does local delivery but sadly their customer service is not so good.

I remember the time when I rang them to place my first order which was two days after we had moved to the Vicarage.   The person on the other end was the least interested in my order and was keen to put the phone down.  Despite the cold reception, I have continued using them but I also use my other”local” butcher in Scotland for wild venison etc.

During lockdown, I haven’t been using my Scotland butcher but have been solely using my local butcher until last week.   As usual, I phoned them with my order but there was this abrupt voice that said that they are no longer taking orders for delivery as it is quite chaotic for them and that they are simply not taking any orders anymore!!!!  I am not sure how they can be so choosy when there are reports after reports saying that butchers are struggling to shift meat!!!!

Anyway, I was slightly irritated because here I am trying to support my local business but it looks like they don’t need my custom so I had no choice but to take my custom elsewhere.

Isn’t it strange that my butcher in Scotland is able to deliver to England  while my local butcher who is only a 5 minutes drive away is unable to do so?