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Cleaner at last!

Our regular cleaner is finally back!!!! Yay!!!

During lockdown, every time I tried to clean the house, I got laid aside in bed.  In order to not cause further anxiety to the Mhinisteir, I decided to just do the very basics.  For that reason, I was elated to receive a text from our cleaner to say that she will be popping round and as promised, she came earlier in the week.

Of course we needed to be sure that we maintained social distancing etc.   The Mhinsteir and I decided that we will not be in the house when the cleaner arrived.   The Mhinsteir had some errands to run and so I went along with him even if it just meant waiting in the car for him.   It was nice to be out and to enjoy the sunshine

By the time we got back, the cleaner had left and my goodness what a difference a cleaner makes!!!!  She is worth every penny!

Next week, it is the turn of the window cleaner and the oven cleaner.