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Hair Watch

Since the lockdown, I have been paying specific attention to key politicians hair.  I want to know if any one of them have been sneaking behind our backs to have a professional haircut.  Up till yesterday I hadn’t suspected anyone.  Matt Hancock came close but I read in the newspapers that he has very thin hair.    However, thanks to today’ paper I seem to have found one policitician whose hair is looking suspiciously tidy.  He is none other than our newish Chancellor, Rishi Sunak!!!!!!

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Is Stork Baking Block Dairy Free?



Did you know that Stork Baking Block does not contain dairy?  I know it because thats what I use for my baking as I must refrain from dairy.

I didnt know about it until I chanced upon this vital information a good few years back.  Since then, I have been using Stork baking block for all my baking but I do always check the ingredients in case it has changed.

However, I must stress that the other products in the Stork range do contain dairy so please please be very careful when you make your purchase.   Like me, if you can’t consume dairy, please do not take my word for it but please check the ingredients  as I know from personal experience that just because something agrees with one person, that doesn’t mean that it agrees with all those with similar conditions.

NB: This is an independent review.  I am not paid by Stork nor do I represent them.


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Old Mrs Patel and the Private Eye

Given that we live in rural England, we subscribe to the Telegraph so that we will be in touch with our parishioners.   To moderate things, we also read the Private Eye.  In fact, we both quite enjoy reading it and always look forward to it.   Before the lockdown, we would just pick up a copy at a newsagent but since the lockdown we have started a subscription.    As our new subscription meant that we would miss out on an earlier issue, the Mhinister decided to get in touch with Old Mrs Patel.  He requested for a one off delivery and it arrived promptly

On Wednesday, our Private Eye subscription arrived but so did Mrs Patel’s!!! Oh dear!  The Mhinsteir was quite sure he told Mrs Patel that it was a one off request.  Knowing Mrs Patel, the one off request might have gone to deaf ears!!!! She is quite cunning that way!

Thankfully, the Mhinsteir has now managed to sort out the miscommunication with her son.

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The Gardener

As promised, my update on our prospective gardener .

He promptly arrived at the said time on Thursday afternoon.  This is the one whose wife was so desperate for my surname

He was a little over enthusiastic for my liking but the Mhinisteir thought that he would make a good gardener and handyman.   His rates are very reasonable.  He is very eager and hungry for work.   One thing that impressed me was that he is prepared to cut our grass even during this time of lockdown.  I must emphasise that safe distancing was followed at all times during our meeting in our garden.

He hopes to come round next week to cut the grass.

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Last Night at Dinner….

We had just sat down for dinner when the phone rang.   The Mhinisteir looked at me and at the phone.  I knew he was desperate to answer and so I reluctantly gave him the go ahead to answer.   Needless to say, the telephone conversation lasted for ages.  By that time, I had finished my own dinner while the Mhinisteir’s had gone cold!!!!  I was fuming! Only because it happens whenever we sit down to eat!!!!!

It was the son of a deceased who had rang to thank the Mhinisteir for conducting his Father’s funeral a couple of days back.   It was a very nice gesture for very few people actually phone or write to record their thanks but I  would have preferred if he had rang after dinner.


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Wednesday Night

For me, a good night’s sleep is a premium.  It doesn’t help that I am a very light sleeper.

I hadn’t slept well for the last few weeks and I really was looking forward to a better night as I crashed into bed and drifted off into a deep sleep.

Suddenly I was woken up by a loud buzzing noise.  It was the Mhinisteir’s mobile.    Who was it?  My heart was in my mouth for we don’t get calls at that time of the night.  I was convinced that someone had died!  But no…. it was just someone texting the Mhinisteir from a different time zone.  Arrrgggg!!!!  Within minutes, I could hear his gentle snores but what about me??????  I looked at the bedside clock and the time was 2.40am.  I tossed and turned until 6am before I drifted away.  I was so annoyed with the Mhinisteir for not putting his mobile on silent.

What is it with husbands? One minute they go to the moon and back for you but the next they ruin your beauty sleep!!!!

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Sweet Peas for dinner??

About a week ago, I happened to listen to part of a telephone conversation between the Mhinisteir and one of his Churchwardens.  I say listen and not eavesdrop because the Mhinisteir was using the phone in the bedroom and as I was already tucked in bed, I couldn’t move!

Halfway through the conversation, the Mhinisteir uttered the words SWEET PEAS.  The Mhinisteir hasn’t a clue about anything horticultural.  I am no better but I knew that Sweet peas aren’t petit pois!!!

Unfortunately for the Mhinisteir the penny only dropped the next day when the Churchwarden’s husband brought around the Sweet pea seedlings for us to plant in our garden!!!!

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Trip to Waitrose

The Mhinisteir surprised me today by making a trip to Waitrose.  I say surprise because he left to conduct a funeral and continued on to Waitrose from there.  Since the lockdown, we haven’t darkened the doors of any supermarket.  Due to health reasons, I always get our groceries delivered but since the lockdown the supermarkets have turned their backs on us and I have been so annoyed with them!

Anyway, the Mhinisteir came back with a big grocery shop including lots of goodies for me which included the latest good housekeping magazine and a yummy vegan ice cream called Booja Booja. I am not vegan but can’t eat dairy products.

I was very surprised by the GH magazine because it was only yesterday that I was thinking about treating myself to a copy and no, the Mhinisteir wasn’t privy to my thoughts!  I suppose this is what happens when you are married for a long time!!!!! He did confess to having blown the budget  but I am not at all cross as I think that it was a very lovely gesture – not blowing the budget  bit but going out of his way to buy these treats.

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Surname saga continues…..

I responded to the gardener’s wife with the Vicarage address but not my surname for I really didn’t see the need for a surname.  Do you really need to give your surname in order for the gardener to come round and give you a quote????

First thing this morning…. I received another text from the gardener’s wife.  “Can I have your surname please??”  Oh dear!  Who am I dealing with that they need my surname?  Anyway, I decided to reply with my surname but also enquired why they needed my surname?

A reply came about an hour later and it read “As you can appreciate, we have many people with the same first name in our books and it can be confusing”.  Oh really??? From the hairdresser to the cleaner, they just know me as my first name and my village name.   I still find this gardener’s wife a little fishy.

Anyway, I will have more update when the gardener comes around to give me a quote tomorrow!!!