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Thunder, Lightning & Hailstones

Well that was what the weather was like for us on Saturday.  In fact, the whole of last week was cold and wet.  It felt like as if I was back in bonnie Scotland!

Sadly, I was feeling as rotten as the weather.  Due to health reasons, I spent a lot of time in bed.  I was playing agony aunt for the first half of the week which made me  emotionally tired.   When people share their problems and asks you for advise, you are bound to feel their anxiety and tension. Whatever advise I give has to be done prayerfully.  I don’t like to be known as the Vicar’s wife for this reason….People somehow think that you are holier than them!  They are wrong (obviously) but I don’t blame them.  However, prayer not only takes up a lot of physical energy but emotional energy too.

Thankfully, I am feeling a lot perkier this week even though I am still physically quite tired.