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Mini Diet

I have put the Mhinisteir on a mini diet.   He was very reluctant to go on this diet but I think it will do him good.  As mentioned earlier, it is only a mini diet.  We both eat healthily and try to buy organic as much as possible.  We all know that organic food is that much more expensive so we  consume a smaller quality.   I have been noticing even before the lockdown that the Mhinisteir’s breakfast habits were getting from very good to not so good.   Our usual breakfast consists of 2 soft boiled eggs and a bowl of porridge each.  At the weekends, the porridge gets substituted for croissants (just for the Mhinisteir).  Over the last six months, the Mhinisteir has ditched the porridge altogether and has been indulging in organic white toast smothered in French butter and various sorts of jams!!!!

I had been hinting to him that he should get back to the porridge.  He had a better idea.  He would continue with the current breakfast with porridge on the side!!!!  I dared not tell him that it was too much of food.  Last week, just out of the blue, he told me that he wanted to go back to his usual breakfast of eggs and porridge.  How wonderful! Music to my ears!!