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Second Freezer

In Scotland, We always had two freezers.  You NEED a large freezer If you live in rural/remote areas, you can’t nip to the shops as and when you please since they are miles away.   Furthermore since we can’t get takeaways, it is always good to have some ready meals in the freezer when we don’t feel like cooking.

We have been meaning to buy a second freezer for ages but never got round to it.   Ours is a fridge freezer that was given to us.  The freezer is fairly small so we are desperately needing more freezer space.   The good news is that we are finally on the hunt for a freezer.  The bad news is that at the moment, John Lewis are only able to leave the freezer (if we bought one from them) at the doorstep which is no use at all.  Who is going to carry it into the house??? We really hope we will be able to not only buy a second freezer but get it delivered to the utility room where it will live!!!!!