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Our new face masks

IMG_0078Our new silk face masks arrived last week and The Mhinisteir was able to put it to the test the very same day that it arrived.

Since the lockdown, the cleaner is no longer able to give us a fixed day but thankfully she does give us a good few days notice.  In order to maintain social distancing, we try to vacate the house for her.  The Mhinisteir had a few errands to run including a trip to Waitrose which gave me the perfect excuse to get him to try out his mask even though I was afraid he might look like a bank robber which was why I got beige masks instead of black.

While waiting for him in the Waitrose carpark, I noticed that more shoppers are now using the facemasks.   Personally, I think that we should all be wearing masks.

Later in the week, we got another 4 hand sewn masks (pictured) from one of the parishioners!  How kind and thoughtful.