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Gardener Disappointment

Our new gardener has been coming over once a fortnight to cut the grass and tidy up the garden.  We are very happy with his work.  He usually brings an assistant with him but sometimes two.  I was initially a little worried that he might charge us more than he had quoted because he had advertised himself as a one man band.   So far, he has been fair. We are usually about  £45 poorer when he has finished.

He came over as usual a fortnight ago.  Again he did a good job.  The garden is looking very tidy thanks to him.   Unfortunately he dropped a bomb! He has started charging VAT!!!! I wish he had given us some warning but he only told us after he had cut the grass and it was time to pay.

I am very disappointed as he is a good gardener but the 20% VAT will burn a hole in our pockets.  It was precisely for this reason that we had been looking for a gardener who didn’t charge VAT.   The Mhinisteir and I decided to spend the weekend praying as to what we should do.  In the end we both decided that we had to let him go.

The initial quote was for £15 for an hour’s work.  He told us that it would only take 45 minutes to cut the grass and that he would use the other 15 minutes tidying up.  However, since he started, we have never paid him anything less than £45.  He always takes upon himself to do more than the General grass cutting.  We were okay with it as our garden was looking tidy but springing the VAT upon us like that was a little unfair.

I got in touch with his Wife to break the news and it was only then that I began to wonder whether they had taken us for a ride.  When I told the Mhinisteir about my telephone conversation, he wondered the same.  It is a real pity because all we wanted to do was help a small business.