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Face Masks & Shields

Another face shield arrived this week.  This is the second face shield that I have bought in four weeks.  Both are for the Mhinisteir for when our Churches reopen.  Churches were officially allowed to reopen from the 4th of July but in rural parishes such as ours it is simply impossible as almost all our Church wardens are above 70 and shielding.  We can only open the Churches gradually.  Anyway back to the shield…..

When the first shield  arrived, the Mhinisteir opened the envelope, looked inside and  gave it back to me to assemble.  There were no instructions whatsoever!  It was just one big rectangular plastic sheet with a piece of plastic strip.  The only reason why I had ordered this particular shield was because the Mhinisteir had requested for a Shield that didn’t have  the words “Face Shield” printed on them!

When our hairdressercame a week later, she was wearing a shield identical to that of health workers.  She said it was easy to assemble and use.  I decided to go ahead and purchase a similar one.   It does have the words “Face Shield” on it.  Tough! I would rather the Mhinisteir has a shield than not!!!! This is no time to be fashion conscious!!!

The second shield arrived two days ago.  This time the Mhinisteir did take it out of the envelope and try it on!  That’s progress!

ps: I was trying to photograph the first shield for this post when I accidentally assembled it!  Sadly, the photo wasn’t a success! One can’t be good at everything!😜