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Our Wee Getaway

The Mhinisteir was keen to go away for  a short break.  He was tired and needed a break but I wasnt keen because of Covid 19.  When you are a Vicar, holidaying at home is not an option.  We have tried it before and it just doesn’t work.

I must confess that another reason why I was reluctant to go away was that some urgent Church related matter has a habit of cropping up whenever we go on holiday.  The truth is even days off are like that.  There have been times when we have had to delay, cut short or completely do without holidays.  Maybe because we are in a multi parish benefice so more issues and people to deal with but then a Vicar’s job is 24/7 contrary to belief that Vicar’s only work on Sundays!

Anyway, we decided to go somewhere nearby just for a couple of days.  It’s a place we know well.  We were at our holiday destination within an hour.

I personally did very little apart from reading.  However, on our last day, I managed a little shopping and I was pretty chuffed with myself.  I like to browse antique shops and so I was absolutely delighted when we found an antique centre.    We bought an Onyx Barometer.  The Mhinisteir also discovered a household store where I bought an electric bug bat.  Since then the Mhinisteir has put it to the test and it is working marvellously well.  Just a shame that we now have to wait patiently for a fly to enter the Vicarage.  Previously they would be arriving in multitudes!!!! Maybe they got the memo!

Bug Bat
Onyx Barometer
Chinese Vase from Oxfam

We had a lovely few days despite it bucketing down on Day one.   No holiday is complete without a little ecclesiastical drama!  This time it was someone getting in touch with the press to complain!  Thankfully it was a non story.  You might be interested in reading Guilty Until Proven Innocent!