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My South African Accent!

“South African?” boomed the voice from behind the face mask.  “No”I replied from behind my own face mask, slightly embarrassed.  The lady behind the face mask was expecting me to say more. I quickly blurted “No, I am from here.  I live here”.  I don’t know what I was on about because I most certainly wasn’t from there!

This incident happened during our Wee Getaway  a week ago.  I was waiting for the Mhinisteir outside the antique centre.  I had gone in with him earlier but the face mask was making me a little light headed so I decided to head out of the centre to get some fresh air.  This was when I met these two ladies.  One of them just started talking.  She was a little unhappy that she was having to wear a face mask as they were not required to in Wales where she came from.

This is not the first time someone has mistaken my accent to be South African even though I have never been to South Africa!