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Rural Living|How to spot a Townie in the Countryside

Since lockdown, a lot of media attention  has been on the countryside.  According to reports, city dwellers are desperately trying to relocate to the countryside either by permanently waving goodbye to the city or by trying to rent a home in the country.

Here in our little rural English village, we have had a handful of houses for sale.  Two days ago, as we went for our daily walk, we discovered that all the houses have now been sold!!!!!

If you want to know how to spot a townie in the countryside, then please continue reading….

  • Wear a gym kit in public.
  • walk around with a yoga mat and bottled water.
  • hysterically flap their arms whenever they see a wasps
  • be kitted in designer wear from top to bottom.
  • Wear flip flops

Have a good weekend!😬