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Prosecco Palava

I am teetotal and the Mhinisteir rarely drinks alcohol except for communion wine!

In Scotland, it was easier to be teetotal among Church settings: some people were recovering alcoholics and so alcohol was hardly served in social gatherings related to the Church.

In England, alcohol is a big part of social gatherings including in the Church. Once, I almost had a cardiac when champagne cocks were popped INSIDE the Church after an Ordination service. Nothing wrong with it. It’s just a cultural difference. I do get a little flustered whenever I am handed a glass of bubbly!

Yesterday we had a rare treat of dairy and gluten free pizza for dinner. It was both shop bought and home made. I bought a dairy and gluten free frozen pizza base in Waitrose and topped it with toppings of our choice and cooked it in the oven.

Unusually, there was a small bottle of Prosecco lurking in the Vicarage fridge which caught the Mhinisteir’s eye. He decided to have it with his pizza and so proceeded to open the bottle just that he was unsuccessful. I was puzzled that he couldn’t just twist open the lid. He decided to use a corkscrew! He was turning and twisting for at least 5 minutes. In the meantime, the pizza was turning old. Still no success! I was beginning to get impatient: I grabbed the bottle and twisted the lid and the next minute, the Mhinisteir was pouring the Prosecco into a wine glass!!!!