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3rd Blog Anniversary!🎂

According to WordPress, the month of August marks Bean A’ Mhinisteir’s third birthday.  Really? Have I been so diligent in blogging for three years????

I started blogging to distract myself from my health woes.  However, I didn’t want to blog about my medical condition.  I also wanted to be anonymous so that I will have more freedom.

What should I blog about? I realised that some people are genuinely interested to know about life in a Vicarage and what it is like being married to a Vicar.  I sought the Mhinisteir’s permission to write about him and with his encouragement, Bean A’ Mhinisteir was born! I hasten to add that the Mhinisteir doesn’t read my blog!  

Over these last three years, I have enjoyed blogging.  I have made silly mistakes like unfollowing my followers as I didn’t know them personally!  I also started spending too much time on the blog.  

Thankfully those stages have now passed and I am pleased to say that I now have a healthy relationship with my blog! 

Here’s to many more happy years of blogging!!!🥂