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Lack of Service

The Mhinisteir went to collect my prescription from the Chemist last week and while he was there, he decided to get some menthol crystals. According to him, the young assistant didn’t know what to do with it (I thought you just needed to scan the product!) so she sought the advise of a senior member of staff. The older lady told the Mhinisteir that they don’t have menthol crystals in stock! I think the Mhinisteir was quite taken aback so he had to point to the lady that there were actually 5 of them on the shelf and he was just wanting to pay for one!!!!

Strangely, I had a similar experience in Boots a few years back. I went to ask for menthol crystals and the lady immediately told me that they don’t sell it there to which I replied that I had bought it from them just a month ago. The very next minute, a small bottle of menthol crystals miraculously turned up on the counter!!!!!

The one that really takes the biscuit is my experience at the taxi rank outside Glasgow’s Queen Street Station. We had just arrived and were needing to take a taxi to our hotel. There was only one taxi waiting in the taxi rank: the driver refused to take us and our two suitcases!!! “It’s just a short distance, mate! You will be better off walking” he said. What?????? In that pouring rain in the dead of winter?????

I have had the privilege of travelling and living and working in different continents. Sadly it is in the UK that we are lacking in good customer service. Recently, I was listening to a programme on Radio 4 called You and Yours and this same sentiment was expressed by some of the callers.

Whereas in America, they have the can do attitude. It is always a YES rather than a NO. It is the same in the South of France. They just want you to enjoy the shopping experience. No pressure to buy anything and they are so proud and knowledgable of EVERYTHING that they sell! If you happen to buy something from them, they wrap it so beautifully.

A very long way to go for UK’s customer service!