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Fashion Faux Pas (Almost!)

A week ago on Sunday, I decided to put on my long wool tartan skirt for church that morning even though it was a sunny Autumn’s morning. Rural churches tend to be cold. I don’t like to be cold because I will need the loo when I am cold and most of our churches don’t have loo facilities.

Anyway, just before leaving the Vicarage, I went to the cloakroom. The moment I stepped into the cloakroom, I heard a sound. It sounded like pins dropping on a stone floor. I took another step and I heard the sound again. I looked down to see that the cloakroom floor was semi covered in little plastic pins!!!! But where did they come from???????? I soon discovered that they came from my wool skirt. You see even though it is a vintage skirt it had been unused and so these little pins were used to hold the pleats together!!!!!!!!! I had been walking round the Vicarage for at least half and hour and these little things didn’t fall off then. Why???? I have no idea but I was just thankful that this didn’t happen in church especially when I went forward to receive communion!!!!!!!!!