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Unusual French Experience

At this time of the year, we are usually in the South of France on holiday.

For obvious reasons, we are unable to travel to France and so the Mhinisteir decided that we will spend a few nights in a luxury French Hotel in the UK. I was initially a little hesitant. I am such a wet blanket, I know! However, I got persuaded and off we went. It was a three hour trip to our luxury hotel. We didn’t stop at any motorway service stations as we wanted to limit the number of people we came into contact with.

By the time, we arrived at the hotel, I was starving and in desperate need of the loo! The hotel was so empty and everyone was required to wear a facemask. We got checked in very quickly. After that, we had our lunch at the lounge. However, for the next three days, we hardly left the room, only once to get the newspaper as they no longer deliver newspapers to the door.

It was very different to our usual experience because it being a luxury hotel, there was always bathrobes, slippers, toiletries etc. But on this occasion, there was none of that. Just very basic toiletries and no bone china either, just papers cups to make our hot drinks. They had removed all forms of stationery including the room service menu!

The room service in this hotel is always excellent so we decided to have room service for all our meals even though it was a reduced menu.

The Mhinisteir was disappointed that they had removed the Butter Chicken from the room service menu. The Mhinisteir mentioned this to the staff and of course it was no problem for them to present the Mhinisteir with his favourite butter chicken! He had that for 2 nights in a row!!!!! Fancy going to a French hotel for its butter chicken!

Anyway, there was no housekeeping either for the duration of our stay for which I was thankful. We just shut ourselves in, catched up on our sleep and reading. It was wonderful to have all our meals prepared.

It was a very unusual French experience but better to be safe than sorry.