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(Almost!) A Victim of Scam

Last Friday evening, we had an early dinner in order to watch the live service from the Cathedral. As I was getting myself ready to watch, I noticed that there was a text message on my mobile phone. I hardly use my mobile phone so was quite surprised to receive a text.

The text was from Paypal. It said that there are some ongoing issues with my account and to click on the link provided in order to avoid restrictions on my account. I do have a PayPal account so decided to login to my PayPal account and see that all was well and thankfully it appeared so.

I did a google search to see if any one else had trouble like this and that was when I discovered that this was most definitely a scam! After reading that, I was a little shaken. Just the thought that one can be so easily deceived sent a shiver down my spine.

I am one of these pay as you go people where you top up your mobile phone credit as and when you need to. My phone is old and for security reasons, I never use the internet on my phone. I am a dinosaur in the mobile phone front but on this occasion I am proud to be a dinosaur as that prevented me from clicking the link from my phone!