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Exasperated by Courier Companies!

On Tuesday, I was expecting the delivery of a parcel. It was to be delivered by DPD and the scheduled time was between 16.33 and 17.33. Unfortunately the delivery did not happen. I checked my delivery status and saw that DPD was not able to delivery my parcel as they didn’t have my contact name/number. How absurd!

I spent the next half hour trying to reschedule the delivery. I got a slot for the next day which was Wednesday and the schedule time was again between 16:33 to 17:33.

This time, I diligently sat infront of my computer to monitor the status. My delivery was number 99! The delivery driver was only on this 3rd delivery. I was also able to find out a bit more about the delivery driver which I thought was totally unnecessary like the fact that he was Polish and what his hobbies were!!!!

At about 17:25, my mobile rang. The delivery driver couldn’t find the Vicarage! This is the 4th time this week that delivery drivers had trouble finding the Vicarage!

Anyway, I got the Mhinisteir to give directions and finally I had the parcel in my hand.

Why can’t more companies use Royal Mail for delivery? Big companies like John Lewis too have started using alternative courier companies like Hermes for delivery. I know that the Royal Mail is more expensive but courier companies like DPD provide mediocre service! On this occasion I paid £4.95 for delivery. Very often, on top of the delivery charges, we have to spend hours on the phone/computer trying to locate the “lost” parcel!

I am so fedup that I am tempted to avoid buying from online companies that use alternative courier companies like DPD or Hermes for delivery. Easier said than done as most companies now use alternative courier companies.