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Automatic Can Opener

My new automatic can opener arrived last week. It is from a brand called ProCook. I first came across them in Scotland. They had a store in the Livingston designer outlet. Many years ago, I bought some kitchenware from them and they have lasted me until now.

Of course once I moved to England, I totally forgot about them until a fortnight ago when our old manual can opener decided to call it a day! It lasted us for almost 21 years!

If you are left handed like me, even a simple task like opening a can becomes rocket science! For that reason, I decided to invest in an automated can opener. Boy! what a palaver it was to find an automated can opener online!

Everytime I googled, the top search results were from Amazon which I wanted to avoid. I finally got directed to other companies that were not Amazon and ProCook was one of them. I duly placed an order.

There is always a mini drama involved whenever there is any delivery to the Vicarage and it was no different on this occasion!

Yesterday, I decided to test out the new can opener on a tin of John West tuna in Sunflower oil. The first attempt was unsuccessful. I roped in the Mhinsteir for help. He found out that I had inserted one of the batteries incorrectly. After remedying that, the second attempt was unsuccessful too. There was no instruction booklet or pictures to show how to place the can opener correctly.

I finally found a online video and so success at last!

I used the can opener successfully again this morning.