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The Special Bag of Petits Pois

Yesterday, I received my usual fortnightly Tesco delivery.

The Mhinisteir wasn’t available to help me but I was confident that because I had requested and paid for shopping bags, I would be able to somehow manage – at least be able to temporarily dump the shopping bags on the floor.

However, when the delivery arrived, things didn’t go as I had planned.

According to Tesco, I had ordered a total of 31 items. Strangely, 30 of the items were all cramped in the one tray liner !!!. For those who don’t know what tray liners are, they resemble huge plastic bags but are without handles!

How was I supposed to yank a huge bag containing 30 items from the plastic crate????? The bag also contained glass bottles. I somehow managed but paid the price for it later.

Now to the interesting bit…… The 31st item, much to the amusement of the delivery driver, was in a tray liner all by itself. As you can probably guess, that said item was a small bag of Bird’s Eye Petits Pois weighing a mere 545g!!!!

Thanks to moments like these that I am never short of things to write about!!!!