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Bath Oliver Biscuits

Bath Oliver Biscuits were all over the Daily Telegraph last week! There was a big furore after someone discovered that they are no longer being produced.

I had never heard of Bath Oliver Biscuits prior to last week but now I know that these biscuits, treated as national treasures are often eaten with cheese.

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Automatic Can Opener

My new automatic can opener arrived last week. It is from a brand called ProCook. I first came across them in Scotland. They had a store in the Livingston designer outlet. Many years ago, I bought some kitchenware from them and they have lasted me until now.

Of course once I moved to England, I totally forgot about them until a fortnight ago when our old manual can opener decided to call it a day! It lasted us for almost 21 years!

If you are left handed like me, even a simple task like opening a can becomes rocket science! For that reason, I decided to invest in an automated can opener. Boy! what a palaver it was to find an automated can opener online!

Everytime I googled, the top search results were from Amazon which I wanted to avoid. I finally got directed to other companies that were not Amazon and ProCook was one of them. I duly placed an order.

There is always a mini drama involved whenever there is any delivery to the Vicarage and it was no different on this occasion!

Yesterday, I decided to test out the new can opener on a tin of John West tuna in Sunflower oil. The first attempt was unsuccessful. I roped in the Mhinsteir for help. He found out that I had inserted one of the batteries incorrectly. After remedying that, the second attempt was unsuccessful too. There was no instruction booklet or pictures to show how to place the can opener correctly.

I finally found a online video and so success at last!

I used the can opener successfully again this morning.

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Class war

I have always favoured 2nd class stamp to first. Why? I don’t usually require my post to reach the recipient the next day. I am fairly organised so I always post my letter a few days in advance so that it will arrive at the right time. I only use a first class stamp if I am needing to act upon something urgently.

After moving to England, one of my many observations was that almost everybody here only use First class stamp!

I began to feel self conscious and tried to change my habit. Old habits die hard! I went back to second class stamps after a few months! Years later I am still using second class stamps!

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Are radio listeners second class citizens?

On Monday, I was eagerly waiting to listen to the Prime Minister’s new lockdown measures. I tuned in to Radio 4 at the said time but there was no broadcast.

I soon realised that the Prime Minister’s announcement was only going to be on Television. Great but how about for people like me without television? Isn’t the message important enough for ALL to hear? When the first lockdown measures were announced in March, we listened to it live on the radio so what has changed now?

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Back to the Crop!

When the hairdressers were finally allowed to reopen in July, I decided that I will be a little more adventurous and go for a bob instead of my usual crop.

Fast forward to October, I have decided to go back to my trusty old crop.

My bob hairstyle didn’t suit me one bit. I always looked like as if I had just gotten off a roller coaster. I even bought a can of hairspray to try and tame my hair but to no avail.

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Keep off the Churchyard, please!

Most of the rooms in the Vicarage look out to the Churchyard. I love looking out of the window as I like the serene view and the reminder that we are all pilgrims in this world. I even get a fabulous view of the churchyard when I am sitting up in bed!

The sight that irritates me most is when dog owners use the churchyard as a footpath and allow their dogs to run all over the Churchyard when there is a perfectly suitable footpath for all dog walkers to use.

It irritates me because it is so disrespectful! Often, there are fresh graves when only a short while earlier some family was standing there solemnly often weeping uncontrollably as their loved one was buried.

A Churchyard is just not a place for dogs. Period.

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Hang Our Heads in Shame!

Since my blog touches the fact that I belong to the Church of England, it is only right that I comment on the IICSA report that came out on Tuesday. For those who don’t already know, The Church of England has been found guilty of misconduct.

There is nothing I can add to that apart from hang my head in shame.

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Exasperated by Courier Companies!

On Tuesday, I was expecting the delivery of a parcel. It was to be delivered by DPD and the scheduled time was between 16.33 and 17.33. Unfortunately the delivery did not happen. I checked my delivery status and saw that DPD was not able to delivery my parcel as they didn’t have my contact name/number. How absurd!

I spent the next half hour trying to reschedule the delivery. I got a slot for the next day which was Wednesday and the schedule time was again between 16:33 to 17:33.

This time, I diligently sat infront of my computer to monitor the status. My delivery was number 99! The delivery driver was only on this 3rd delivery. I was also able to find out a bit more about the delivery driver which I thought was totally unnecessary like the fact that he was Polish and what his hobbies were!!!!

At about 17:25, my mobile rang. The delivery driver couldn’t find the Vicarage! This is the 4th time this week that delivery drivers had trouble finding the Vicarage!

Anyway, I got the Mhinisteir to give directions and finally I had the parcel in my hand.

Why can’t more companies use Royal Mail for delivery? Big companies like John Lewis too have started using alternative courier companies like Hermes for delivery. I know that the Royal Mail is more expensive but courier companies like DPD provide mediocre service! On this occasion I paid £4.95 for delivery. Very often, on top of the delivery charges, we have to spend hours on the phone/computer trying to locate the “lost” parcel!

I am so fedup that I am tempted to avoid buying from online companies that use alternative courier companies like DPD or Hermes for delivery. Easier said than done as most companies now use alternative courier companies.

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The Promiscuous Cat

Our neighbour’s cat is pregnant again! I say again because she was pregnant during the first lockdown. But then, what is it to me? Rural living means trivial things like this excites one!!!

I had to do a double take when I saw her in the Vicarage garden the other day. I must confess that I know very little about cats but everytime I see her, she appears pregnant!

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Iron Self Clean Button

Does anybody actually know how to use the self clean button found on an iron? Or should I be asking does anybody know if it actually works?

We have a Tower brand iron that is a year old. Recently, I noticed that there were whitish crusts in the small holes on the iron plate. I was afraid to mess about with the iron so decided to try the self clean button.

Should I press the self help button when the iron is on or should I press it when it is off? I tried both methods but there doesn’t seem to be any improvement!