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Mind your language, please!

Every Saturday, I religiously flip through the Financial Times to read Lunch with FT. It is one of the highlights of my week. I love to read about people but also what and where they eat. It is amazing how much you can gather about a person based on their choice of food.

Anyway, this Saturday wasn’t any different. This week, the interview was with a boxing promoter who shall remain nameless. I was livid that the whole interview was peppered with bad language!!!!

The interviewee using bad language is one thing but surely the FT can refrain from printing them in full!

Sadly these days, bad language has become the norm! It is one of the reasons why we don’t have a television. Parents post videos on the internet of their 3 year olds swearing and think it is hilarious! I used to enjoy listening to book at bedtime on Radio four but have stopped because I just can’t cope with the amount of bad language!

Surely, the English language is rich enough without one having to use bad language to compensate.