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Unexpected Invitation

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

About 10 days ago, an envelope addressed to me was hand delivered to the Vicarage.

Out of curiosity, I ripped open the envelope, not bothering with the letter opener. Inside the envelope was a members only invitation to a socially distanced Christmas market! Did the organisers get it wrong? As far as I could remember, I am not a member of anything!

Anyway, I asked the Mhinisteir why I got the invite and he simply replied ” perks of being a Vicar’s wife”!!!

The day of the Christmas market arrived and we both went. It turned out to be a lovely afternoon with me making a small dent to our bank account! I rarely go shopping so was really pleased to have been able to buy presents for the Mhinisteir’s colleagues.

Unexpected but much appreciated!