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Sourdough Story

One of the top stories this week was that the DOMESTIC GODDESS herself has spoken ill of Sourdough bread in favour of the humble white slice from a sandwich loaf. Regretfully, I am not a fan of all three!

Recently, we bumped into one of our many church wardens(CW) in the Village. He was in conversation with another villager whom we have never met before. The CW quickly introduced us to this other villager. Soon we realised that he was the village baker, just that we didn’t know that there was a baker in our village. Unfortunately for us, the baker only bakes Sourdough bread and he doesn’t accept payment! Mmmm…..that was that or so I thought.

A few days later, we found half a loaf of sourdough bread with a note on the Vicarage doorstep. It was from the CW. The baker had baked him a fresh loaf and the CW decided to share it with us. How very kind!

Sadly, the Mhinister didn’t like the taste of Sourdough bread and I couldn’t help him either.

A week later, there was more sourdough bread on our doorstep. Oh dear!

It was only when the Mhinisteir rang to thank the CW that he discovered that the CW too was struggling with the Sourdough bread as he didn’t like the taste of it but as it is the rule in the country he didn’t say anything to the baker and kept receiving the Sourdough loaf!!!!