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Covid19 Vaccine

With news of the Covid 19 Vaccine, I fear that people will start treating it like the morning after pill. I get the feeling that people are (or willing) to let their guard down now that a vaccine has been found. The Vaccine is not a miracle cure. We MUST continue to act responsibly. I for one am a little sceptical about the vaccine as it is still in its infancy. How can a vaccine that normally takes 10 years to produce be produced in 10 months??? Furthermore, do we know anything about the side effects etc? Is it a competition between the pharmaceutical giants as to whose vaccine will triumph

People continue to die from Covid nationally and globally. The government can no longer desensitise the situation by producing statistics as more and more of us are facing the hard facts that these statistics are now someone we know or whom we once held dear!

Life is not always about eating, drinking and be merry!