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Happy Ending

For the past few weeks, my health has not been in the usual manageable level. I was reluctant to mention it to the Mhinisteir, he who is known to be calm under the storm goes into a panic if it is my health! I tried to keep quiet about it but since yesterday afternoon I have been in a lot of pain.

I see a private consultant for this particular health condition but with Covid19, access to Private hospitals is nigh impossible.

I phoned my local surgery and asked for an appointment to speak to my GP. They were not giving out face to face appointments. Fair enough. I got an appointment for Monday for which I was very grateful. The receptionist asked for my symptoms. When I told her my symptoms, she said that she will get my GP to phone me this afternoon. Thank God!

A few minutes later, My GP phoned and asked me to see him in an hour’s time! I am pleased to say that I am already beginning to feel a a lot better!

A very happy ending to my Friday!