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That’s how my week has been so far! I have been feeling really tired and overwhelmed. The lack of a good night’s sleep is the biggest contributing factor. Furthermore, My study desk is cluttered with cards, papers, bills etc that either need filing or attending to. A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind!!! This is so true as I have been struggling to update my blog this week.

Things haven’t been going my way either. The Mhinisteir had to remind me that it is not my way that matters but God’s ways. Very true!

Despite being married to a Vicar, Christmas is a very low key affair in our household. Our decorations consist of a wreath , a table top Christmas tree and plenty of poinsettias.

Until today, I have been unable to source fresh poinsettias! Most places have also run out of artificial poinsettia pots!!! For a change, i thought I will put Christmas garlands on the banister and fireplace. Guess what? They have run out of Christmas garlands too! I ordered some red baubles from Tesco but again it was a no show!

Thankfully, I am beginning to feel a wee bit better today. Long may it last!