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Loo Emergency

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

We had the cleaner today for the first time since lockdown restrictions were eased. Like most of the country, we are in Tier 2. Since rules dictate that we must not come into contact with the cleaner, we stay locked in our respective rooms.

Unfortunately, I had a loo emergency. I don’t know what the rules are concerning trips to the loo in an emergency but there was no way I was going to text my cleaner to ask for her permission! Since time was not on my side, I made a quick dash the moment I heard the hoover in the sitting room. I don’t know if I broke the rules but needs must!!!

Coincidentally, this happens to be Sky’s Kay Burley’s excuse for breaking Covid Rules. Just that she was using someone else’s loo while I was just using mine!!! (I don’t believe her though!)