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Corona Chronicles

After yesterday’s tier review, we remain in Tier 2 so no change for us. I can’t say that I am pleased. I think we should have been moved to Tier 3 as the infection rate in our area continues to rise.

Since Monday, I have started using my mask outdoors. I no longer feel comfortable without it. In fact, I used a mask today to accept a supermarket delivery.

I am exasperated by people’s blasé attitude. I can’t believe that despite us being in tier 2 folk are in and out of people’s houses. I am particularly annoyed by the Mhinisteir’s colleague and their spouse who seem to have no regard for rules. Rumour has it that this person travelled to a Tier 3 destination and back! The Mhinisteir and his colleague work very closely together so I am naturally very concerned but angry too.