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Christmas Eve Kibosh

I was on the phone to my parents when the Mhinisteir mouthed “heating is not working”. Since we were coming to the end of our conversation, I rang off to attend to the impending crisis.

Unusually, the Mhinisteir looked worried. He said the boiler wasn’t working and that there was a red light on. Mmmm…. sounds serious. He also added that he has been in touch with the plumber but all he got was the answering machine. Double Mmmm….

With all the Christmas services, the next 48 hours are going to be extremely busy for the Mhinisteir.

How can the boiler break down when we have been so diligent in servicing it? Will the plumber even check his answering machine? It has been very very cold with hailstones so what are we to do if the plumber can’t come for the next few days???????????

Anyway, I needed to get a grip. I am supposed to be a help not a hindrance.

I told the Mhinisteir that we should exercise our faith and pray. Half an hour later, I went to check on the boiler. The Mhinsister was just coming out of his study. “Boiler is working!!!” he mouthed again because this time he was on the phone to a parishioner!!!!

People usually say prayer is powerful but I say God is powerful.

Glory be!