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New Year But Same Old Problem

We are already in the New Year but I am still chasing after problems that should have been solved well before the New Year!

In early December 2020, I had applied for a new bank account with Smile, the online bank. About 10 days later, I got an email to say that the application has been approved and to make a minumum payment of £1.00 to my new bank account. Since then, I have been trying to access my new account but to no avail. I phoned customer service and was told that for some strange reason as it is always the case, the account has not been activated but not to worry as it will be activated within 5 working days. I am still waiting for the account to be activated.

Again in December, I had ordered some stamps and stationery directly from the Royal Mail website. Strangely the stamps arrived on separate days even though they came from the same office in Edinburgh! I am still waiting for the stationery!

However, bills have been arriving at our door promptly even during the Coronavirus pandemic when the excuse given for other things is that the pandemic is causing delays!!!!!