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Beep beep beep…. I could hear constant beeping but just couldn’t figure out what was causing it.. Since we live in the country, we don’t have a burglar alarm. It wasn’t the smoke alarm either Oh my goodness! Is it the car alarm???? How long has it been beeping? Will the car battery be flat when it was time to go to Church for the Epiphany Service????

All these thoughts were swirling in my head as I lie in bed. The Mhinisteir was sound asleep next to me. I was reluctant to get up but had to be sure it wasn’t the car alarm. I got up and went up to window. No flashing lights. I opened the window to hear if it was the car beeping. Thankfully it wasn’t. Furthermore, it was very quiet outside. It had to be something in the house that was beeping. By this time, the Mhinisteir had woken up. We went around the house looking for the culprit and then we found it in the kitchen! It was our Watchman oil gauge that we use to monitor our oil level!!!!!! What a relief!

Just as we were recovering from that shock, we had a sudden power cut!!!! There goes the shower I thought…. Thankfully it came back on within a few minutes and we were able to use the shower.

We got ready and went off to Church. When we came back, I was extremely cold. Upon checking, the Mhinisteir discovered that the boiler wasn’t working again. Some of you may remember our Christmas Eve drama. I am pleased to say that the boiler is working well again after the engineer came to look at it yesterday. He was adamant that he couldn’t find any fault with it.

Finally in other news, all our Christmas decorations have been removed.