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December is a month of celebrations for the Mhinisteir and I. Ordination anniversary, wedding anniversary, birthday etc

Just before Christmas, the Mhinisteir booked a night at the Hilton in a city near us to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary. The Hilton was very empty mainly because of Covid19 but it look beautiful with the Christmas decoration.

I got a pleasant surprise when I entered the room. It was so beautifully decorated. We were also given a bottle of wine and some posh crisps.

As a safety precaution, We decided that we would have dinner in the hotel. At dinner time, we got dressed and went to the restaurant. A few minutes into it, my health was beginning to play up. I tried to hide it from the Mhinisteir but I couldn’t. He decided that we should go back to our room and order room service. I was disappointed that I had let him down yet again.

Anyway, we got back to the room and ordered room service. I ordered fish and chips and the Mhinisteir ordered ……… (regular readers, can you guess?) a curry!!!!! We also ordered desserts.

About 15 minutes later, room service phoned up to say that they did not have my dairy free apple pie and asked for a substitute instead so I went for the Jude’s Vegan salted caramel ice cream. When room service arrived, they said that they had given us two tubs of the vegan ice cream as a way of apology. How lovely! By the way, the Vegan ice cream was simply delicious. I would very happily have it again any time.

We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner and went to bed very happy. The Mhinisteir started snoring the moment he hit the sack. I had just started dozing off when there was a lot of shouting and banging coming from the room next door. I just assumed that it was a lovers tiff. How wrong! It went on and on and on until the early hours of the morning. I was so fedup that I just wanted to go home! The Mhinisteir was fast asleep apart for a brief moment when he woke up to ask what the commotion was all about!!!!!