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I have been suffering from horrible acne thanks to mask wearing! I never had acne as a teenager. It started in my thirties. I had to be on antibiotics for a very long time and thankfully it all cleared up after that. However since the Autumn, I’ve had a bad bout of acne. I didn’t have any trouble in the summer even though I was also using facemarks then.

Anyway, I was very embarrassed by the state of my skin. I couldn’t believe that people my age could get acne but I was encouraged to read online about a 65 year old woman with acne. I was very reluctant to see my GP and so decided to do a bit of research. I came across a French brand called La Roche Posay. Despite the price tag, I liked what I read about them. I went ahead and bought the necessary products for my skin. For the first month, I couldn’t see any difference even though the Mhinisteir claimed he did! I assumed he was just being polite!

Two months later, I can’t believe the transformation. My skin is ALMOST back to normal.

I am not liking the amount of time I spend applying these lotions and potions but it is definitely worth it.